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Jump for Joy: Cabanas for a Cause

Preventable Diseases – Where does Obesity rank?

By Bill Sifert Jump for Joy Foundation As we watch the news, read the newspaper and surf the web, we hear and read about all of the preventable diseases that are on the rise.

What should we be drinking?

By Bill Sifert Jump for Joy Foundation When some of my clients tell me that they hate eating veggies, I can relate to them. Some people just don’t like them. The same goes with salmon… “It’s too fishy” they say! Really? Is your beef too beefy or your chicken too chickeny? Fish is supposed to […]

How Obesity And Inactivity Are Hurting Your Children

By Branden Collinsworth  One of my favorite spots to write, collect my thoughts and people watch in Las Vegas is at Starbucks right off Paradise and Flamingo. Due to its close proximity to the Strip, the people and energies are always changing which provides for some thought provoking and interesting conversations.

To Gluten or Not to Gluten

  By Bill Sifert Jump for Joy in-house nutritionist The other day, while I was hosting one of my numerous free nutrition classes for parents, I was asked a question about glutens in his child’s diet. He wondered if his kid should be consuming products with glutens and if I thought he should omit them […]


What a difference a little 3000 miles will show you!

By Anthony “Jump” Alegrete Photo caption: Europe vs America – where do we rank (in terms of obesity) I love my country – The United States of America – A place where your dreams can become a reality with hard work and dedication. The US has so many things to offer if you reach out […]

Getting fit all over the world!

By Anthony “Jump” Alegrete In the photo: Anthony Alegrete at the top of Zurich, Switzerland Being a world explorer and traveling to different beautiful areas of the globe I have been blessed to get to see many scenic places. It is not every day that one gets to take a breath of fresh air in the mountains […]


Playing with Your Child Does More than You Think!

By Anthony “Jump” Alegrete It’s a perfect 85 degrees, the wind is blowing slightly, and the birds are chirping in the back ground. This is the scene at a local park by my house (and probably yours too). Of course it is early in the morning because here in Vegas it can get pretty hot […]

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Jump for Joy Foundation: A Healthy Change for America’s Children

By Anthony Alegrete Jump for Joy Foundation “The journey of 1000 miles must begin with one step.” Today we are launching the first ever Jump for Joy Foundation fitness and nutrition blog here in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jump for Joy Partners with Philadelphia Eagle Gerard Lawson for Football Camp

By Joe Buda In the photo: Anthony Alegrete (Jump for Joy) and Andre’ Haynes (Endeavor Media Group) Potosi Park was the place to be for football fans, kids and parents on Saturday, June 11, when the Jump for Joy foundation teamed up with Gerard Lawson, Cornerback and kick return specialist for the Philadelphia Eagles, to […]

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