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Being Vegan – Growing Plant-Strong

By Paul Graham Contributing Writer There is a plethora of news that comes our way each and every day.  I think we can agree that much of the news that we read, watch or hear is not always very positive or necessarily even reliable.  But there are also positive things that see that encourage us […]

Being Vegan – There is Much to Love

By Paul Graham Contributing Writer I was just reflecting on how wonderful it is to be in this place, in this time, in this season of life.  I don’t think I could have predicted I would be here five years ago.  Life was good back then, but it was different.  There were many changes going […]

Being Vegan – How Green is Black Friday?

By Paul Graham Contributing Writer I always try to be aware of what of what is going on around me.  I understand how connected we are to the environment around us…the people, other living creatures and this world that we live in.  How our actions can have a profound effect not only on the people […]

Being Vegan- My Protein is Just Fine (Part Two)

By Paul Graham Contributing Writer It would seem that there are far too many people out there who are just obsessed with protein.  Many have bought the ad line about how much you need it to be healthy while it is only one essential, but smaller than thought component in the overall mix.  There do […]

Being Vegan – My Protein Is Just Fine

By Paul Graham  Contributing Writer There may be no question that triggers the gag reflex any more when posed to a vegan than, “But where do you get your protein?”  The reaction is not so much to the person asking it but the perpetuation of the myth fostered by the vast machine of the meat […]

Being Vegan – Celebrating the Holidays

By Paul Graham Contributing Writer  I love all the seasons of the year.  Each brings something special to be appreciated and enjoyed.  I love holidays too.  Not just to celebrate a day or season but also to celebrate life, family, and friends.  We are coming upon some times for major holiday celebrations.  There those that […]

Being Vegan – Let’s Go To The Movies

By Paul Graham Contributing Writer We certainly live in a time when information is plentiful and the easy access to it is unprecedented.  It struck me this past week as I was pouring through the stream of information pouring my way that there really is no excuse for us to stay uneducated about things that […]

Being Vegan – Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My

By Paul Graham Contributing Writer The health benefits of being vegan are really indisputable. But being vegan is so much more than one’s optimum health and wellness. It is also about the health and wellness of animals and our planet. I do not know a vegan who does not have a deep and passionate love […]

Being Vegan – Dining In

By Paul Graham Contributing Writer A real key to being vegan and eating vegan is to make sure that we are doing it right at home. At least two thirds of our meals on any given day are going to be consumed at home, as they should be. It is only at home that we […]

Being Vegan: Dining Out

By Paul Graham Contributing Writer Being vegan is more than just the food we eat or the foods we don’t eat. It is about our place in this world and how we treat ourselves and other people. It is most certainly about an awareness of animals being put on this Earth to live harmoniously with […]

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