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From the Chef: Rice Vegas (Green Chile Rice)

By Mark Marques I came up with this rice recipe and named it after the city. This rice recipe is a great side dish for the Chicken recipe in this week’s edition.

From the Chef: Garlic Chili Lime Marinade

By Mark Marques This really delicious marinade is awesome on Chicken, Pork, Beef or Seafood. I recently used it on boneless, skinless chicken breasts and marinated them overnight.

From the Chef: Seafood Steam Pot with Sausage

By Mark Marques I see a lot of commercials for dishes you can easily make at home! This Seafood dish will be far less expensive and will stretch your food dollars for those special occasions or a Sunday dinner with the family. This recipe is a truly delicious and a fun dish to make. It combines the spiciness of […]

From the Chef: Layered Enchiladas

By Mark Marques This recipe will easily become a new favorite. It is simple to make, absolutely delicious and the kids can help make it as well. It is versatile, gluten free and super cheesy! This dish can be spicy, mild or somewhere in between. It is great with beer, Red Wine, Iced Tea or […]

From the Chef: Potatoes and Sausage Il Forno (Baked)

By Mark Marques I came up with this easy meal as an alternative to the classic lasagne for people that have gluten allergies or for those that want a baked meal that is a bit different, but completely delicious!

From the Chef: Lemon Meringue Cheesecake

By Mark Marques Here is a dessert I created for the one year anniversary of The Las Vegas Informer.  It is a sweet taste of summer and a twist on an old classic. This tasty Cheesecake is refreshing and absolutely delicious. It is fairly easy to prepare and your friends and family will be impressed […]

From the Chef: Ribeye Rellenos

By Mark Marques This Steak was created in honor of the First Anniversary of the Las Vegas Informer online newspaper. I created this from scratch and hope that you like it as much I did when I came up with it. You can enjoy this Steak anytime you like as well. (As with all recipes, […]


From the Chef: Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Cookies

(Makes 4 dozen) By Mark Marques This recipe for Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Cookies is fairly easy to make.  The cookies are absolutely delicious.  They make a great gift.

From the Chef: Brown Sugar Waffles and Fresh Strawberries in Syrup

By Mark Marques (Makes 6-8 standard size waffles) The waffles in this recipe are great for either brunch or dessert.  The waffles are crisp, the strawberries sweet and tart, and the whipped cream brings it all together. 

From the Chef: Mixed Berry Crumble

Written by Mark Marques In this week’s From the Chef, I am presenting a recipe for a dessert that is both fun to make and tasty. 

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