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The Empowerment Column (40): “The Power of Being Human”

By Rev. Thabiti A bumper sticker behind a hippie bus reads: “I smile for I have no idea what’s going on” We all are awakening into seeing that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  As human beings we are bound by nothing except the Laws of Nature and the things we choose to […]

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Fashion Trends Fall 2011

By: Denise Savello With the economic strain on spending power means spending on the latest trends comes at a greater cost. Less will be purchased but what is purchased will cost more. Quality is chosen over quantity this time of year which means more statement pieces and more completed looks will be walking the streets.

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Dressing Green

By: Alexis Pluff With over 30 vintage clothing stores in Las Vegas from Summerlin to Henderson and all the way Downtown in the Arts District, and even more thrift stores like Dinasours and Roses on Charleston and Jones, there are many reasons why thrifty shopping for fashion is easier than ever as well as important […]

From the Chef: Rice Vegas (Green Chile Rice)

By Mark Marques I came up with this rice recipe and named it after the city. This rice recipe is a great side dish for the Chicken recipe in this week’s edition.

From the Chef: Garlic Chili Lime Marinade

By Mark Marques This really delicious marinade is awesome on Chicken, Pork, Beef or Seafood. I recently used it on boneless, skinless chicken breasts and marinated them overnight.

The Empowerment Column (39): “The Click of a Mouse”

By Rev. Thabiti Nowadays we are told that people are hurting due to tough economic times. We are also being told that we are running out of time and running out of a variety of other natural resources.  Fortunately we are able to see beyond this illusion into the absolute truth about our existence. The […]

The Empowerment Column (38): “Misery Loves Company”

By Rev. Thabiti One thing you can expect when doing your absolute best to keep awake, undistracted and grounded in an activated spiritual awareness is the presence of miserable people who want to knock you off your high-horse.  “Mediocrity always attacks excellence” but stay your course.  Miserable souls want you to come down to their […]

From the Chef: Seafood Steam Pot with Sausage

By Mark Marques I see a lot of commercials for dishes you can easily make at home! This Seafood dish will be far less expensive and will stretch your food dollars for those special occasions or a Sunday dinner with the family. This recipe is a truly delicious and a fun dish to make. It combines the spiciness of […]

From the Chef: Layered Enchiladas

By Mark Marques This recipe will easily become a new favorite. It is simple to make, absolutely delicious and the kids can help make it as well. It is versatile, gluten free and super cheesy! This dish can be spicy, mild or somewhere in between. It is great with beer, Red Wine, Iced Tea or […]

The Empowerment Column (37): “Our Victory Is Certain”

By Rev. Thabiti Our time has come to move into a better state of consciousness.  Right now our spiritual awareness is fully activated and this is why we can see that all is well and life is good.  From this space right here and now we accept the gift of life being given to us […]

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