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The Empowerment Column (31): “More Light = More Visibility”

By Rev. Thabiti As we take the next step into our awakening process we see life with a new vision.  Our perception is renewed and refreshed because our awareness in this moment is reconnected to Pure Spirit.  From this starting place within our hearts, minds and souls more good, truth and light are being revealed.  […]

From the Chef: Lemon Meringue Cheesecake

By Mark Marques Here is a dessert I created for the one year anniversary of The Las Vegas Informer.  It is a sweet taste of summer and a twist on an old classic. This tasty Cheesecake is refreshing and absolutely delicious. It is fairly easy to prepare and your friends and family will be impressed […]

The Empowerment Column (30): “The Soul Seeks the Unknown”

By Rev. Thabiti Beyond the bridge connecting the Knower and the Known is the Unknown.

From the Chef: Ribeye Rellenos

By Mark Marques This Steak was created in honor of the First Anniversary of the Las Vegas Informer online newspaper. I created this from scratch and hope that you like it as much I did when I came up with it. You can enjoy this Steak anytime you like as well. (As with all recipes, […]


From the Chef: Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Cookies

(Makes 4 dozen) By Mark Marques This recipe for Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Cookies is fairly easy to make.  The cookies are absolutely delicious.  They make a great gift.

The Empowerment Column (29): “Trigger and Release”

By Rev. Thabiti Things that usually have the most adverse effect on us are those things that we have attached ourselves to in some way.  We can become attached to our seeming possessions or we can become attached to our desires, goals and dreams.  This way if something unfavorable happens to these things we get […]

From the Chef: Brown Sugar Waffles and Fresh Strawberries in Syrup

By Mark Marques (Makes 6-8 standard size waffles) The waffles in this recipe are great for either brunch or dessert.  The waffles are crisp, the strawberries sweet and tart, and the whipped cream brings it all together. 

The Empowerment Column (28): “Our Arrival”

By Rev. Thabiti Well, this is it, that long anticipated moment of coming face to face with the absolute truth about our existence.  We are here to awaken to Divine reality and see with a new and higher perspective the good that is revealing itself everywhere and at all times.  We are here to experience […]

The Empowerment Column (27): “In This Moment”

Written by Rev. Thabiti In this moment we awaken to the absolute truth about our existence.  We are living proof of the life, presence and reality of a Divine Nature.  Right now we release and let go of anything that has been obstructing our ability to enjoy this precious and sacred gift of life.  Today […]

The Empowerment Column (26): “Our Shift in Perception”

Written by Rev. Thabiti The fundamental difference between an enlightened person and an unenlightened person is perception.  They are both looking at the same world but not seeing it in the same way.  Therefore, it is now time for an upward shift in our perception.  No more blaming and excuses.  No more complaining and being […]

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