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The Empowerment Column (18): The Hour is Always Darkest Before the Dawn

Written by Rev. Thabiti Let’s bring our awareness to the absolute truth revealing itself as our existence.  Life continues to be our greatest teacher by placing us in the perfect situations and circumstances necessary for our growth and development into higher states of consciousness.   Right now we are returning to a safe place within ourselves […]

The Empowerment Column (17): Finding your Light-switch

Written by: Rev. Thabiti Notice how things seem to just work out for some and not for others? Imagine being in a room of complete darkness and not being able to see what is possible all around you.  Now imagine being in the same dark room except this time you find the light switch on […]


MAGIC Marketplace Fall 2011

Written by Vanessa McConnell Photos by Rodney Bethke MAGIC Marketplace is one of the most successful clothing conventions that bring retailers, manufacturers, distributors and consumers together twice a year to display the latest brands and marketing strategies to make for successful retailing. 

The Empowerment Column (16): “The Secret to Having Anything You Want”

Written by Rev. Thabiti To have anything you want requires your willingness to do whatever is required for its achievement.  We hear people say “I want this” or “I want that.”  But wanting, even with a strong burning desire, is not always enough to make it happen.  Why? Because there are rules governing Life.  Rules, […]

From the Chef: Apple (or Pear) Butter Cake

Written by Mark Marques Here is a new cake recipe I created inspired by homemade Pear Butter I was given as a gift.  This cake is moist, tender and deliciously spicy. It goes well with a cold winter’s day, as well as a warm day of spring.  This is truly a recipe that can be […]

The Empowerment Column (15): “Planning is vital to success”

Written by Rev. Thabiti Living in the moment and practicing the present is a smart and clever thing but preparing for the future is a wise thing.  You must have a sense of direction because universal energy flows where the attention goes.  Your power to manifest is a flow of energy from your subconscious that […]

From the Chef: Ice Cream Cake

Written by Mark Marques As Spring approaches, and along with it warm weather, I offer a fun recipe for making homemade Ice Cream Cake.  (Please read recipe completely before making the cake. This recipe is easy, but takes a couple of hours to make due to the required freezing time between steps.)

The Empowerment Column (14): “FROM: Get ——- TO: Serve”

Written by Rev. Thabiti Just about everywhere we find that selfishness has run amuck.  There is a Me-Me-Me, My-My-My and Get-Get-Get attitude all over the place.  A teacher asks a class of 100 adults: Who’s the most important person in the room?  Everyone raises their hand shouting me, me!  The teacher in his loudest voice […]

RISE Signs Top Poker Personalities to Apparel Deal

Article by PRNewswire RISE, a lifestyle clothier for serious competitors, adds a trio of poker stars to represent their growing label of fashionable and functional apparel. David Williams, Andrew Robl and Dani Stern inked an agreement to sport RISE’s chic line of poker-inspired clothing inside the rails. “Our clothes are designed for people wired to […]

The Empowerment Column (13): “Life has to run your program”

Written by Rev. Thabiti As human beings, we are more powerful than we realize.  Experts say that we use only a small fraction of our full potential.  Because of our ignorance to rules governing life, most of our suffering is unconsciously self-imposed.  Please know that no one is exempt from the rules governing our existence.  […]

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