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Confronting Our Toxic Legacy

By Robert C. Koehler Maybe if we declared “war” on poison water, we’d find a way to invest money in its “defeat.” David Rosner and Gerald Markowitz make this point: “The price tag for replacing the lead pipes that contaminated its drinking water, thanks to the corrosive toxins found in the Flint River, is now […]

Bernie Sanders: The 2016 Peace Candidate

By Lawrence S. Wittner On February 10, 2016, Peace Action—the largest peace organization in the United States—announced its endorsement of Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination for President. Peace Action is the descendant of two other mass U.S. peace organizations:  the National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy (SANE) and the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign […]

Is US-Russia Engagement Still Possible?

By Mel Gurtov President Obama’s failed attempt to “reset” US-Russia relations raises the question whether or not engaging Russia in the fullest sense is still possible. I think not, at least for the immediate future and so long as Vladimir Putin is in power. Every cooperative venture between Russia and the United States has been […]

Looking for America

By Winslow Myers In the New Hampshire primary, we have raised up an authentic firebrand in one party, and in the other a classic purveyor of fear and simplistic solutions—results that remind us of what we have always half-known: we are a country split by a profound doubleness: on the one hand, we are the […]

How did we ever let it go so far?

By Jennifer Von Tobel With so much going on in today’s world, people are asking, “how did we ever let it go this far?” That is the question … how did we let it get this bad? Ever since humans started walking on two legs, we have fought over what we deemed was ours. This […]

It’s Just Politics

By Glenn Mollette Sarah Palin recently came out in support of Donald Trump for President. We hadn’t heard much from Palin in awhile so this was a grand opportunity for her to get back into the spotlight. Her Alaska reality show that paid her millions of dollars is now a distant memory and most of […]

Taking on Nukespeak

By Andrew Moss In 1946, George Orwell decried the abuse of language in his classic essay, “Politics and the English Language,” declaring famously that “it [language] becomes ugly and inaccurate because our thoughts are foolish, but the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts.” Orwell reserved his sharpest criticism […]

Deadlock: North Korea’s Nuclear Test and US Policy

By Mel Gurtov North Korea continues to rattle the cages of both friend and foe.  Despite near-universal condemnation of its fourth nuclear test and a deplorable human rights record, Kim Jong-un defiantly disregards the major powers and the United Nations.  And now, adding insult to injury, the UN Secretary-General reports that North Korea has notified […]

Iowa Caucus, reminds me of Groundhog Day

By Glenn Mollette I have watched the movie titled Groundhog Day with actor Bill Murray. Looking back I’m wondering if that movie was about the Iowa Caucus. The caucus just keeps coming back and back and it seems we just can’t escape the Iowa Caucus. Groundhog Day is coming and the best news about the annual […]

Ticking toward doomsday

By Ira Helfand, M.D. Recently, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced it was keeping its famous Doomsday Clock at three minutes to midnight. In making this decision, their panel of experts, including 16 Nobel Laureates, cited the  growing danger of nuclear war. The danger of nuclear war? For most people today, the threat of […]

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