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If You Missed it, Just Open Your Eyes

By Aaron Phillips What do you think I am referring to?  I had no idea this was supposed to take place until the day before.  And I’m in the media business!  If you haven’t guessed by now, then I will let you off the hook.  This past Saturday was supposed to be the end of […]

Things that Make Me Go Hmmm…

Written by Aaron Phillips There are just some days that I get random thoughts that I just can’t explain.  I have learned that to process these thoughts, I need to share them.  So here goes nothing.

Spring Is In the Air

Written by Aaron Phillips Spring is in the air and it can only mean one thing.  SPRING CLEANING!  That’s right everybody it is time to clean out the garage, closets, sheds, storage units or wherever you hide your stuff!

You Never Know When

Written by Aaron Phillips How many times have you heard those words before?

Holiday Time Again

Written by Aaron Phillips As the school kids just got out for Spring Break, it can only mean one thing.  It’s Passover and Easter time again.  Being Jewish, I can’t comment about the traditions of celebrating Easter but I am all too familiar with Passover.

We Know Better…Don’t We?

Written by Aaron Phillips I recently had my annual physical exam.  Going to the doctor is like going to the principal’s office.  You are about to get into trouble for something that you COULD HAVE controlled, but the “other guy” made you do it. 

The Comfort of Yesterday

Written by Aaron Phillips Why do we feel more comfortable with the way things were, instead of the way they should be?

Off the Cuff Thoughts

Written by Aaron Phillips As I spent my Sunday afternoon sitting in front of the television watching my NCAA brackets continue to go up in smoke, my mind wondered for just a bit down a road sometimes traveled.  At times this could be a good thing.  At other times…….head for the hills!!!

What is so Hard About Asking?

Written by Aaron Phillips Why is it that human nature cannot handle rejection?

Jet Lag and No Plane

Written by Aaron Phillips I have not been on a plane in about 2 years.  Usually my plane rides are back East to visit family.  The bad news when traveling east is the loss of three hours.  If you catch the red-eye out of Las Vegas and then add the 3 hours it’s about an […]

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