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It’s Duncan!  A.K.A. “The Bear” With her bright eye-ed and bushy tailed personality she steals the heart of everyone who gets to meet her. She’s the cuddliest, sleepiest and sweetest little thing… Rescued from an animal shelter as a full adult, Duncan makes her way through this world without a tail (yes, she’s a manx) […]

Meet Dash

In memory of Dash A very sweet spirited little guy who lightened the spirit of all he encountered.  Full of life & vigor, (and a fiesty personality) dead-set on always making those around him smile!

Humane Society Says New Laws Mean Nevada Is Now Nicer To Animals

By Sean Whaley Nevada News Bureau In the photo: Sen. Sheila Leslie, D-Reno, saw passage of her bill regulating the use of leg hold traps./Nevada News Bureau file photo The Humane Society of the United States says Gov. Brian Sandoval and the Legislature enacted several important measures to strengthen Nevada’s protections for animals in the just-ended […]

Sammy and Jack

Sammy, on his first birthday. He’s very photogenic as you’ll see.   Jack, the 16 lb ten year old cat, laying in Sammy’s basket of toys is quite appropriate because Sammy thinks poor Jack is one of his toys.

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Little Lucy

This little girl is Lucy. Lucy is 5 1/2 weeks old and is an American Pit Bull Terrier. When Lucy was 4 weeks she became very ill. We took her to the vet and he told us she was not going to live. He said she had parvo or a worm and even with treatment […]


Meet Willow. He is nine years old.  Willow has been with his owner since he was six weeks old.  He loves people, especially kids.  Willow has an affinity for strings and trash bag ties and enjoys playing with them for hours.  He only likes dry cat food or treats like “pounce”.  Willow is a lap […]

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Meet Rocky.  He is a 2 month old Yorkshire Terrier born on May 14th, 2010.  He is the brand new addition to a couple sharing their first dog.  This puppy was adopted from a breeder in Lancaster, CA who has given him a good foundation for his future dog days.  Rocky is very smart and […]

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Meet Fozzie.  Fozzie is a 2 ½ year old Shih Tzu Poodle mix.  A very affectionate dog with a strong personality, Fozzie was named after the Muppet character because of the reddish brown fur he had as a puppy.   Fozzie is a clever dog that knows how to get what he wants.  Somehow he knows […]

Veterinarians Of Las Vegas Introduces Preventive Veterinary Services

Veterinarians of Las Vegas is a veterinary care service provider that is engaged in providing medical services to pets in the city of Las Vegas. This service provider has introduced preventive veterinary services in its Las Vegas pet hospital to prev (I-Newswire) June 22, 2010 – Las Vegas, Jun 22, 2010 – Veterinarians of Las […]


Meet Stinky. Stinky was found in the desert behind the M Resort scared, alone, very hungry, and thirsty in the hot summer of 2009. Stinky’s rescuer took him to the vet for hydration, checkup, and to see if he was micro-chipped. He didn’t have a microchip nor did he have dog tags so Stinky’s rescuer […]

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