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App Attack: Apps to Extend Battery Power

Written by Bud Grant In this week’s App Attack, we look at an Android app to help prolong battery life between charges.  The DROID X is a powerful phone, capable of 1 GHz processing, recording high definition video and multi-tasking of apps. I have been using my DROID X for six months now and there […]

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Apple’s iPhone 4 Coming to Verizon

Written by Bud Grant The iPhone 4 is being made available to non-ATT customers for the first time starting in February 2011.  According to Apple and Verizon Wireless, the iPhone 4 is being made available to Verizon customers beginning on February 10.  Qualified Verizon customers will be given the opportunity to pre-order the iPhone 4 […]

App Attack: The Popularity of Angry Birds

One of the more compelling and popular smartphone applications is Angry Birds, a game developed by Ruvio Mobile, based out of Finland.  This app is so popular, that the publisher, Ruvio, announced in December 2010 that over 50 million copies have been downloaded.  10 million downloads were on the Android platform, while 12 million were […]

App Attack: Vlingo provides Voice Control to the Smartphone

Written by Bud Grant The best apps, and the best inventions, solve an issue we face in everyday life.  One of the issues that we face in today’s world is a driver who texts or types while driving. It would be helpful to have an application that allows the user to control their phone via […]

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App Attack – Slider Games

Written by: Alexis Pluff As with many smart phones there’s a myriad of games offered for free or for a small fee. A series of new games that have taken us all by flurry are the slider games. The most popular game on the iPhone is called 15:24 and there’s a variety of similar games […]

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App Attack: Quick Photo Editing Solutions

Written by Alexis Pluff In today’s fast past media sharing environment it’s easier to take a photo with your phone and send it to friends and family, to your facebook, and twitter accounts right? But how many of those photos do you wish you could have doctored just a little by lightening the photo or […]

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App Attack: Guitar Hero 5

Written by Bud Grant As a game app, we will not be grading Guitar Hero 5 based on usefulness.  We will judge this app on graphics, sounds, playability and fun factor instead. This app was tested on the DROID X.

App Attack: Mini Shot Basketball

Written by Bud Grant This week in App Attack we review a sports game app: Mini Shot Basketball. Much like the other game review we have done in the past, we will not be grading Mini Shot Basketball on its usefulness, but will judge this app on graphics, sounds, playability and fun factor. 

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App Attack: Backbreaker Football

Written by Bud Grant In this week’s App Attack we are going to explore a game app: Backbreaker Football. We will look at this game and grade it not so much on usefulness, as we have done with past reviews, but will judge this on graphics, sounds, playability and fun factor. This app was tested […]

App Attack: DROID Lookout Mobile Security

Written by Bud Grant Our smartphones represent a large part of our lives.  On them we store all of our contacts, both personal and business.  We store photos of loved ones and videos of cherished memories.  Our phones are the center of our communications in the 21st century.  Now imagine something goes wrong with your […]

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