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Time for Americans to Accept Responsibility for Our Military Interventions

by Jared Keyel The United States must accept responsibility for the damage its military actions have caused and recognize there are alternatives for the future. In the nearly decade and a half since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, the United States has invaded Afghanistan and Iraq, carried out bombing campaigns throughout the Middle East, and […]

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Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty: Arresting the Wrong Suspects

By John LaForge Here at the United Nations, talk is focused on the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (N-P.T.). At about 11 a.m. Apr. 28, I was handcuffed with 21 other nuclear realists after blocking an entrance to the US Mission. I say “realists” because US media won’t pay much attention to US violations of nuclear weapons […]

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Tax Day and the End of the Nuclear Age

by Robert F. Dodge, M.D. Following the arrival of spring each year, our nation renews its commitment to our priorities on Tax Day, April 15, from education to health care, infrastructure and national defense. Included among these expenditures are nuclear weapons programs—weapons that can not and must not ever be used. The funding for these programs, […]

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More Than Good Karma: Women Must Negotiate Salary and Raises

By Laura Finley Evidently, only men are supposed to ask for raises. Women who do will only annoy their bosses and instead should simply have faith in the system and hope for good karma. This is what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently stated. Although he later apologized for his “inarticulate” response, the fact remains that […]

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Lawmakers and School Officials: Stay out of Our Bodily Wastes with analysis, urinalysis,

by Laura Finley Why is it that the same conservatives who so desperately want “big government” out of our lives are at the same time so darn eager to have officials involved in our urination? Despite major studies showing that suspicion-less drug testing is not an effective means of identifying or deterring drug use, state […]

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Las Vegas Notice of Default Numbers Show Historic Drop; Down 90% According to Default Research

By: PR.com Press Release Las Vegas, NV, November 18, 2011 –(PR.com)– Default Research, Inc., (www.defaultresearch.com) one of the nation’s foremost aggregators of pre foreclosure data, reports that Las Vegas – a real estate market starving for good news – in October 2011 experienced one of the largest year-over-year drops in Notice of Default recordings since […]

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