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The Empowerment Column 2012 – week 9: “The Nine of Hearts”

By Rev. Thabiti We can see the number 9 everywhere and everyday as part of many significant things.  From a 90° angle making a perfect corner at the center of a circle to the 90° angle making the perfect corner of a rectangle or square.  Cats are known to have 9 lives and police dogs […]

The Empowerment Column (57): “WHO’S AT FAULT?”

By Rev. Thabiti ♥♣♦♠ If you’re unhappy or miserable then it must be somebody else’s fault, right?  Have you noticed others who may act this way? This aspect of us is referred to as our Ego.  Some say that it means: Edging-God-Out The ego is that aspect of our being that believes it is always […]

The Empowerment Column (56): “ATTENTION EVERYONE & especially you!”

By Rev. Thabiti ♥♣♦♠ Our attention is the most powerful asset we have. “Energy flows where the attention goes” is the popular phrase going around today.  All of Life in our moment to moment experience follows the attention from one thing to the next.  If we keep our attention on depressing things, we will be […]

The Empowerment Column (52): “Exploring Your Inner Dimension”

By Rev. Thabiti Right now to become completely empowered like never before we disconnect from all external distractions and just for this exact moment we return to the inner stillness and silence that is dwelling deep within our soul and we remember that this ability is with us at all times and is always accessible.  […]

The Empowerment Column (51): “The Spirit of the Human Race”

By Rev. Thabiti Right from the Big Bang or better yet the orgasmic explosion coming from our father into our mother and during this crescendo moment, the entire cosmos becomes still and alert, and the heavenly hosts are seated in the bleachers cheering loudly after the sound of the whistle and the firing of the […]

The Empowerment Column (50): “Know Thyself”

By Rev. Thabiti If we could take all of the sacred teachings and wisdom of the ages and summarize it all into 2 simple words, they would be “Know Thyself.” Always be aware or conscious of this extremely serious message to Know Thy-Self.  From the beginning, we were told that we can never truly love […]

The Empowerment Column (49): “Living on Top of the World”

By Rev. Thabiti  Since we all are spiritual beings having a human experience means that we are in the world but not of the world.  Our entire life is a gift that includes the Earth-world as our playground and the entire Universe as our domain.  This gift is provided so that we get to co-create […]

The Empowerment Column (44): “There is Something”

By Rev. Thabiti There is something that sees to it that everything already is as it should be. There is something to be joyful about and grateful for.

The Empowerment Column (43): “Life’s Central Station”

By Rev. Thabiti At the center of it all is where we may find what we truly seek.  At the center of it all is where we live, move and have our being as well as where we emanate from and into expression.  We are rooted at the center between inhaling and exhaling on a […]

The Empowerment Column (42): “Avoiding Booby Traps”

By Rev. Thabiti As we continue to advance in our journey together it is time to acknowledge the presence of the booby traps.  Throughout nature we humans have been successful in capturing any creature (large and small) by manipulating their hunger drive to lead them right into the booby trap.  For example, we put some […]

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