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Men’s Letter to the President: Support Gender Equality

By Rob Okun Will Donald Trump change his attitude toward women? After the release of the 2005 Access Hollywood video caught him admitting to sexually assaulting women, many citizens couldn’t believe he could receive enough Electoral College votes to become president. I was one of them. On January 31, I was a signatory to an open letter to […]

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By Tom H. Hastings Is Donald Trump a Hitler nouveau? Probably not. Still, in this time of preparing a switch from mild, articulate, scandal-free Obama to Wall Them Out Shut Them Out Kick Them Out Trump, it might be worth a historical review of German Martin Niemöller (1892–1984), a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as […]

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Obstacle to Peace: The Race Border

by Ellen Lindeen The Summer Institute that I am attending is called “Conflict Transformation across Borders.” Although a University of Massachusetts Boston graduate course, it is offered in Ecuador, South America, because much of the classwork is about border issues between Ecuador and Colombia, including the status of the estimated 200,000 Colombians who have fled […]

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In Solidarity with Chinese Activists

by Laura Finley I write this having just returned from a nonviolent protest in which I wore my bridal gown smeared with fake blood. How ironic that it was exactly that type of action that led to the arrest and now 38 day imprisonment of five Chinese domestic violence and human rights activists. Initially, 10 […]

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K-5 Students Deserve a Quality STEM Education, Not Human Rights Violations

By Terri Shofner and Erin Niemela As the American public school year begins, parents and guardians across the country are getting to know new teachers, bus routes, routines and worrying increasingly about violence and bullying as we send our children into the semi-unknown. It’s a busy, nervous time of year. Parents of school-aged children in […]

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