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The Impossible Dream

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The Impossible Dream

“Chasing the dream can be more rewarding than achieving it” By John Dunia One of the most rewarding things about posting these articles is the interaction with readers from around the globe. This week’s article was inspired by a comment from last week. The subject was examining the motives behind our actions – even when […]

Boosting Your Self Confidence is The Key to Success


Boosting Your Self Confidence is The Key to Success

Many things in life are dependent on your confidence. How you perform at work, how many friends you have, how lucky you are in love – they all need a certain amount of self-confidence to help things along. However, many people find that they lack the self-confidence to strive for the things they want from […]

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The Iran framework: A case study in engagement

by Mel Gurtov We have every reason to celebrate the so-called framework agreement with Iran.  It exemplifies the best of President Obama’s foreign policy, namely, engaging adversaries.  Remember when candidate Obama’s argument for engagement during campaign 2008 was ridiculed by Hillary Clinton, among many others?  Now Obama has two major engagement successes to crow about, […]

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